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Ring Installation — Arnaud Lapierre


The Ring installation by Arnaud Lapierre in Place Vendôme in Paris, France plays with the context of this urban space through reflections, light and the interaction of passers-by. The piece was created for the FIAC 2011 Conference and sponsored by Audi. It is an aggregation of offset mirrored blocks stacked to form a cylinder.

The simple repetition of the mirrored blocks creates an interior and exterior space where the urban context of Place Vendôme is filtered selectively through the defined volume of the installation.  It essentially deconstructs and morphs the surrounding buildings and sky and produces a disorienting, but engaging experience of the plaza.


ring-installation-vendome-paris-arnaud-lapierre15jpg tumblr_n154wkxxdC1trg3yao6_r1_1280

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